Leasing(+): The reliable and flexible lease plan that will save you operational costs.

Additional financing

In our view leasing is extra financing in addition to your bank. It creates additional investment opportunities without affecting existing banking facilities.

Too often leasing is seen as a substitute for bank financing. We consider it an additional credit line without affecting  the existing lines of credit at the bank . Leasing makes investments possible that increase patient safety and reduces  operational costs across the organization. In this way, the leasing charges for medical equipment can be paid back.


Our Lease options

The challenge is primarily to identify those investments which positively influence the quality and reliability of care and increases the efficiency of your organization. Following  lease options are available on new or existing equipment.

  • Financial lease
  • Operational leasing
  • Vendor lease

Our Advantages


  • Increase efficiency & deployment
  • Invest in preventive care programs
  • Save on support services costs
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Optimize capacity of medical equipment


  • Makes new technology available without investment
  • Creates additional investment opportunities next to bank financing
  • Is financing your investments up to 100%
  • Is simply and only related to the use of the equipment
  • Does not affect your capital ratio or balance sheet